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Reduce mosquitoes in your yard by reducing breeding sites:
 Eliminate standing and stagnate water: Mosquitoes can develop in 7 days in standing water
 Drain stagnate pools of water
 Change birdbath water weekly
 Empty and turnover any buckets or water holding receptacles
 Remove any old tires as these are perfect for mosquito breeding
 Keep gutters and downspouts clear and clean

How it Works:

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• Customers can go to our Contact Us Page or click here and request an estimate or get pricing.
• Metro Mosquito will contact you by email or phone to schedule your treatment. An email or phone call reminder can be requested prior to an application.
• Our Spray Technician will come to your location on the scheduled day (weather permitting).
• The Spray Technician will knock on your door as a courtesy to notify you of the application and make sure people and pets are removed from the area.
• The Spray Technician will inspect your property and notify you of potential trouble spots where standing water will increase the breeding capacity of mosquitoes. In some instances Altosid insect growth regulator can be added to standing water that is not chlorinated, containing fish and not able to be tipped over. Altosid will prevent the mosquito larvae from changing into an adult mosquito. Link to Altosid:
• A 21-Day Barrier Spray application will be completed, usually in ½ hour or less.
• A courtesy notice of a completed spray application left at your front door.
• A Metro Mosquito Service Representative may contact you to evaluate our service to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.