Mosquito Control

One call is all it takes to enjoy your yard mosquito free all summer



Seasonal Service

Season Long Service = Seasonal Care $75 per service for 3 or more scheduled services.

The “MM360 Mosquito Service” includes a thorough visual inspection of your property, remediation of breeding sites along with a Barrier Spray Treatment that is applied by our trained professionals using a backpack sprayer.  The treatment takes approximately 20-30 minutes and is necessary only once every 21 days.  The spray is odorless, transparent, and dries within 30 minutes.  Best of all, there is no need for you to be home; we deliver your treatment and leave a note informing you that your home is now protected. We will include on the note the date of your next regularly scheduled service.


One Time Special Event

One Time Special Event Service $150
You are planning a great outside event, all the planning is complete and you are waiting for the big event. Your invited guests along with a few 1000 guests, who were not invited, are also waiting for the big event. These unwelcomed guests are the mosquitoes and other biting insects. They will quickly find your guest a tasty meal. If you do not want thousands of uninvited guest at your event call Metro Mosquito today for fast service. Same day service is available in select areas.


Wedding Gold Ring Service

Wedding Gold Ring Service $175

 Gold Ring Package includes two separate applications along with 1 or 2 fly strips with a pheromone attractant placed away from main area for the maximum protection from mosquitoes and biting insects. The first application will be two to three days before the event. The second treatment would be the same day of the event. These applications will be scheduled early in the day before set up personnel will be present or by special appointment as arranged by the customer. The barrier spray will have an immediate knock down effect on all insects and the dried spray will ensure residual protection by killing any insect that has contact with the treated surface. There will be no odor or visible evidence that we sprayed the area except there will be No Bugs!