Metro Mosquito



Metro Mosquito is here to help you take back your yard. Our “MM360” service is an integrated approach designed to give you maximum results to minimize and eliminate mosquitoes and other biting insects from your yard. We achieve this by using our “MM360” integrated pest management system every time we service your yard. Our approach focuses on a careful inspection of your yard to locate sources of mosquitoes, probable breeding sites and likely habitats for mosquitoes. The elimination of probable breeding sites greatly reduces the number of mosquitoes in an area. We employ larvacides that eliminate developing mosquitoes before they reach adulthood. The application of a barrier treatment is designed to attack adult biting mosquitoes. Our barrier treatment creates an invisible fence around your property. Our barrier treatment uses a two-prong treatment approach to kill and eliminate mosquitoes that come into your yard.
Take back your yard and enjoy the great outdoors without fear of biting, disease carrying mosquitoes attacking your family. Call or email Metro Mosquito for individual or season long service.